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Trunk & Treadle
Olds, Alberta Canada
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    Olds Alberta, Canada
    T4H 1P2
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    Trunk and Treadle is like a handcraft smoothie! We throw all of our family's interests and hobbies into a giant blender and out comes this crazy delicious mix of items for you to enjoy!

    Ranging from our Alysheep farm fresh wool products made out of wool from our own sheep to our Gookie line of baby items to Blume accessories for girls to who knows what. Don't be surprised to see new things up on Trunk and Treadle quite regularly.

    Almost all of our items are made right here at home in Alberta. I take care of crafting most of the hair accessories, hand sewn, crocheted and paper items, while my husband Miles builds most of the things made with wood as well as tending the sheep flock.

    Trunk and Treadle is a family business and we love to incorporate our four children into the fun wherever we can. We hope you enjoy our handiwork as much as we enjoy making it!

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